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When did compassion become transgression?

Date published: 1/23/2013

When did compassion become transgression?

I feel Dr. Russell Williams' reputation has been tarnished unfairly, and that he is being used as an example for other doctors.

Dr. Williams is an upstanding man and an excellent doctor. He would not intentionally prescribe medication to a patient if the patient didn't need it.

As for his kissing a patient, I would hope it was a kiss of compassion. Isn't that what we seek in a doctor?

Dr. Williams chose his profession to help others. Our government is policing doctors because of a rise in deaths related to prescription overdose. My doctor is better equipped to make a decision on my behalf as to medication and overall health care. Can the government really gauge my pain? No.

Let the doctors do their job of treating the sick. Why would Dr. Williams or any other doctor risk his livelihood or reputation? Who would the blame be passed to if a patient committed suicide because a doctor wouldn't prescribe medication for fear of what happened to Dr. Williams? The doctor, of course.

Regarding Dr. Williams' record-keeping, that seems a lot like housekeeping. Some are neater than others. His records were neat enough for the medical board to find what it was looking for.

It's a witch hunt, if you ask me.

My daughter will be attending college in the fall and her passion is rural medicine. Will she be able to help the sick or will she be of a new breed of doctors who aren't allowed to feel empathy but who will be controlled by an already controlling government?

Rhmalda Gayle