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In praise of Abby, Ann, and all the advisers

Date published: 1/23/2013

In praise of Abby, Ann, and all the advisers

Ah, those Jewish twins born in Iowa from a set of parents who fled Russia and came to the U.S. in 1905 due to the persecution of the Jews. This did not stop them from becoming who they wanted to be.

The two sisters, Esther Lederer and Pauline Phillips--giving advice as newspaper columnists Ann Landers and Abigail van Buren--will be missed, but thanks to Pauline's daughter, Dear Abby will be around to do that for a new generation.

I remember when my grandmother was around, sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee in the morning and afternoon; at my mom and dad's house, she always read Dear Abby every morning and the different advice from Ann Landers in the afternoon. Those were the days.

Thanks to all these lady columnists who gave advice. Keeping house became spic-and-span entertainment while organizing and cleaning. I remember the days my grandmother would read her columns and grab some information learned and put it to good use cleaning, organizing, baking, and everything else under the sun.

In "The Best of Abby," Pauline Phillips' book, she wrote: "My readers have told me that they have learned from me. But it's the other way around. I've learned from them."

Anna Victoria Reich