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Good docs like Williams are caught in a vise

Date published: 1/23/2013

Good docs like Williams are caught in a vise

"Inquiring minds want to know," but need the paper titillate readers with salacious embellishment in its recent crusading expose of medical malfeasance?

Will a follow-up article document the ability of chronic pain sufferers to receive needed narcotic medication once the Fredericksburg medical community responds to the media pillorying of one of its own?

Physicians who try to relieve serious pain with controlled substances are in an ever-tightening vise! Besides the natural tendency to feel responsibility as studies suggest more Americans die annually from prescription medication overdose than automobile accidents, professional societies scold doctors for an inadequate job of evaluating and managing pain.

Conversely, law enforcement insinuates the haphazard and careless supplying of narcotics to abusers. Failure to adhere to "the gold standard of record keeping" imposes dire consequences.

It was my privilege and honor to practice with Dr. Russell Williams, an honorable man and a good physician, for many years. I would not hesitate to have him treat me or any family member.

Donald E. Bley, MD