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FLS, Obama push knee-jerk gun response

Date published: 1/24/2013

FLS, Obama push knee-jerk gun response

Prior to our intrepid president's sadly exploitive Sandy Hook press conference on gun control, The Free Lance-Star ran the headline: "Can America prevent another Sandy Hook?" [Jan. 15].

In order to advance liberals' dreams of further gun control, the article was written to capitalize on the terrible tragedy.

This is the left's typical fare: emotional hand-wringing followed by a rush to "do something," culminating in a flurry of legislative drivel (example: New York).

Unfortunately, the short answer to FLS' headline is no, America cannot prevent another Sandy Hook. America's judicial system is punitive, not preventive, and carries the presumption of innocence for its citizenry. In a free society, bad things can happen, the prevention of which is impossible to have been legislated away by emotionally charged statists.

America can mitigate the carnage of further horrific acts without banning the weapons or the high-capacity magazines that scare the daylights out of liberals or without infringing upon constitutionally protected rights of lawful gun owners.

It's called "common sense" and is devoid of the histrionics that drive leftist silliness. Common-sense measures espoused by Gov. McDonnell concerning guns in schools, and measures addressed in John Lott's book, "More Guns, Less Crime," conclusively illustrate the abject failure of gun control laws.

Look at Chicago. With the nation's strictest gun laws, Chicago is now the nation's reigning murder capital, responsible for the equivalent of 20 Sandy Hooks in 2012 alone. Yet the president's response to all this is to trundle out a bunch of school kids to use as props for his preening lecture on "commonsense" solutions.

Unfortunately--and with apologies for impugning 8-year-olds--the real-world efficacy of the president's "solutions" match the maturity level of those with whom he surrounds himself.

Dan Wilson