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Control guns? Then why not alcohol?

Date published: 1/24/2013

Control guns? Then why not alcohol?

If saving lives is truly the intent with stricter gun control laws, then why are there no serious discussions on returning to alcohol prohibition? Alcohol is directly responsible for roughly 47,000 deaths a year.

Gun-related homicides are around 8,500, which include legitimate defensive uses, as well as gang-related homicides, which are a preponderance. The number of people who die from rampages such as the one in Newtown, Conn., is a very small fraction of this number. If you factor out everything else, the number of people who die from drunk driving alone each year is almost 15,000. Approximately 36 percent of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol.

So, as anyone can see, alcohol represents a much more clear and present danger to our society than guns by a large margin.

I partake of alcohol responsibly; my point is that it's not intellectually honest to say that gun control is about saving lives. More people die from blunt trauma, punches/kicks, and knife wounds annually than die from gun attacks. Whatever is said about the rationale of gun control, it is not about saving lives as much as it is about control.

Craig Patton