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Rosebud Salve: A 'rosy' mom-and-pop story

Date published: 1/25/2013

Rosebud Salve: A 'rosy' mom-and-pop story

The news article about Smith's Rosebud Salve did not make The Free Lance-Star's top-10 story list for 2012 ["Maryland company is still rosy," June 12]. However, the article about a small business' humble beginning, the Rosebud Perfume Co., was mighty interesting. Until reading the article, I mistakenly thought the company had gone out of business a few decades back.

Smith's Rosebud Salve was one of those products that was housed in a tin container that was as interesting and as good as the salve product inside. Red, white, and blue colors made the tin container look patriotic; the salve was a lovely light pinkish-red color and had the soft sweet scent of the "Seven Sisters" rose, the common name.

I remember seeing Smith's Rosebud Salve at my grandfather's King and Queen County farm home back in the early 1960s. My grandfather always seemed to have Rosebud Salve stored with his farm work clothes.

Reading the article made me smile when I read that beauty magazines are touting the salve as a "favorite" product among celebrities and makeup artists.

I know my grandfather did not consider himself to be a beauty, but his actions demonstrated that he thought Rosebud Salve was needed on a farm and was a great fix for rough, dry farming hands. Being the thrifty person that he was, I wonder what his thoughts would be regarding the cost of Rosebud Salve in 2013.

That being said, it was good to read that Smith's Rosebud Salve is still around. According to the news article, the family-run company ships the product as far away as Australia. Not bad at all for a mom-and-pop shop with its humble origin in Maryland.

Brenda Hamilton Hynson

King George