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GOP state senators show why R's like guns

January 25, 2013 12:10 am

GOP state senators show why R's like guns

Bravo for your Jan. 23 editorial about the astonishing attempt by the GOP state senators to redistrict yet again ["Elephant punch"]. No wonder they're such strong advocates for guns and ammo. They need them to keep shooting themselves in the foot.

It seems clear that as the party plummets in approval rankings, it continues to seek bottom. Perhaps the GOP realizes that its only hope is to draw the lines of redistricting so it can't lose. When, oh when, will our legislature get on with the business of doing what's best for Virginia?

Last year, they proposed the absurd transvaginal ultrasound exam for women, selected the caucus over the primary to choose their gubernatorial candidate (thus driving out the moderate and fine Bill Bolling), and now they slide in a redistricting proposal when a Democratic member is absent.

Are there no John Chichesters left? I am all atwitter to see what their next stunt will be. Oh, wait--that's probably Ken Cuccinelli as the GOP candidate. Sigh.

Marion Dongieux

Mount Holly

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