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Time to talk to people who are different from you

Date published: 1/27/2013

This is in response to a letter written by Walter Kreutzer: "Teach this president his constitutional role" [Jan. 17]. Kreutzer must live in an isolated world if not one person he has spoken to thinks the country is headed in the right direction, and most put the blame on a president they think wants to "destroy this nation." The majority of voters elected this president not once, but twice!

If you listen only to Fox News, and associate with people who listen only to Fox News, you get only one point of view pounded into your head over and over again, until you have no opinion of your own. The Republican Party lost the general election and will continue to lose elections, because it is out of touch with viewpoints of the majority.

Contrary to Kreutzer's statement, the branch of government that needs to learn its constitutional role is not the executive, but the legislative! The House of Representatives is an embarrassment to the entire process. The longer the House refuses to compromise (a negotiating skill that is an absolute necessity for anyone holding public office), the longer it will take the people of this nation to recover from economic recession.

No politician should be laughing at any stalemate. If he cannot do the job and be willing to discuss the matter to an agreeable end, he needs to resign his office.

Kreutzer was right in his statement that "we [this nation] cannot be everything to all people." But may we never lose our empathy, our compassion, and our willingness to assist the people who are in need, as well as the nations of this world whose people are oppressed or facing devastating events. It's time to step out of that small world and talk to someone of a different nationality, race, or economic level. You may just find that person who thinks differently than you do, and that his opinion may help you in forming an opinion of your own.

Bonnie Thomen