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Redistricting culprits will rue their actions

Date published: 1/29/2013

Redistricting culprits will rue their actions

The current redistricting fiasco fits into what should be termed voter fraud; it should be prosecuted--not condoned--by Messrs.--or is it Messes--Cuccinelli, McDonnell, Bolling, and Cantor.

The methodology in which the redistricting was passed is truly an abomination. It should be subjected to transcranial testing of the aforementioned officials.

And now they see fit to mess with the electoral voting process.

Have they not yet learned the lesson from the most recent election? The majority has spoken.

Go ahead, go on with what you all are doing. But mark these words: You may think you are winning the battles, but the reality is you have lost, and will be losing, the wars.

This letter is from a former Republican supporter.

John A. Colucci

Locust Grove