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Boy who 'ministered to all' dies at age 13 page 2
James Dobson, 13, dies after long and courageous battle with brain cancer

 James Dobson wanted cards for his 12th birthday. He got more than 6,000. This year he asked for his own room.
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Date published: 1/29/2013


One or the other slept in the room with him, checking his breathing and turning him to avoid bedsores from forming on his brittle skin.

But because James asked for so little and had been through so much, his parents wanted to give him the sense of independence he craved. Friends and co-workers started collecting money to buy a specialized bed that would rotate him and give respiratory treatments.

Community groups, schools, churches and individuals across the region contributed, raising $38,000 in two weeks--during a holiday season and in the midst of a slumping economy.

"I never in a million years thought we would have raised that money in a short period of time," Cathy Dobson said in a subsequent story. "It's overwhelming. The community has just embraced James with their hearts. We're a Christian family, and we just believe God touched people's hearts because he knew James needed this bed."

His family also believes James fulfilled his mission during his 13 years on Earth.

"He ministered to all he came in contact with, showing them what faith in God was all about," according to his obituary.

A funeral service will be held for James on Thursday.

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