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Amrhine disrespects gun owners in column

Date published: 1/30/2013

Amrhine disrespects gun owners in column

Good news! The First Amendment is alive and well, and no one is abridging freedom of speech or infringing on the freedom of the press at The Free Lance-Star!

I just read Richard Amrhine's column in the Jan. 20 edition ["Global warming isn't going away"]. His flailing piece started off talking about climate change, and then slid sideways into discussions on abortion and an attack trashing the Second Amendment.

Amrhine's wildest editorial leap (it may even have been a back-flip) was when he made reference to law-abiding American gun owners, calling them "schmucks," a Yiddish word for a male body part.

Knock, knock! Somebody needs a vacation! Amrhine himself asked in the column: "Why do we have to put up with this garbage?" After reading his dribble, I couldn't agree more with the question!

Is this column remarkable? No! Is it in good taste? No! Is it appropriate for young children to read? Definitely not!

The FLS has many diverse qualities, and is a necessary part of our community. But this one journalistic effort wiped out 10 wonderful "attaboy" articles previously found in the paper.

Amrhine needs to continue to enjoy the freedom of speech provided by the First Amendment, but perhaps he should take a sabbatical from writing and study the writings of America's best literary scholars (our Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson). I would be willing to provide online resources to Amrhine.

Fred Tippett