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Please, Stafford, give swimmers a pool!

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Date published: 1/30/2013

Please, Stafford, give swimmers a pool!

I am 12 years old and I go to H.H. Poole Middle School in Stafford County. I have been active in both all-year-round and neighborhood swim teams for the past three years. I am also very active in supporting our community and am a Life Scout in Troop 907.

We have many local and district swim teams in Stafford, and competition for pool space is always difficult for the teams. When we have a swim meet, we mainly have to travel to Prince William County to the Freedom Center or we have to travel farther. Swimming is not only a popular sport in the county, but it is also a great means to maintain a healthy life for county residents.

I think we should have a pool just like the Freedom Center in Prince William County so people in the swim teams around here don't have to drive for 40 minutes or more to go to a swim meet, and it would be nice to have our own county pool to host other swimmers. The pool should be an indoor pool and have several swim areas so people can do recreation swimming during a swim meet. The pool should also have at least eight lanes and an automatic timing system.

Matthew Sherwood