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What an amazing inauguration!

Date published: 1/30/2013

What an amazing inauguration!

I am so happy that I lived to see the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. On Jan. 21, as I watched the progress of the inaugural ceremonies, I found myself getting weepy, inspired, moved, amazed, and proud.

The timing of the inauguration to fall on Martin Luther King's birthday was a wonderful coincidence. It gave us so much more to ponder and reflect upon as to the importance of the occasion. I am always moved by a good speaker, and there were plenty of them.

Obama's speech nailed so many issues that are important to me and to the future of our country--preservation of our planet, taking care of those who are least able to care for themselves, immigration, education, equal rights, and safety, to name a few.

Our president is a most gifted orator, able to speak from the heart, which is the difference between an eloquent speaker and one whom you can believe and admire.

The inauguration had everything necessary to lift the soul: music, pageantry, dignity, memory, and history. The poem "America--One Today," read by poet Richard Blanco, reminded us that despite our differences and the vast diversity in this land, we are one nation under one common light.

Who couldn't love the Bronx choir as it joyously belted out the stirring words of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and James Taylor's signature styling in "America the Beautiful"?

Even Sen. Charles Schumer, who introduced the speakers and inserted references to the history of the United States, lent an air of dignity to the pageant, reminding us that we do have great leaders in this country and that one of the best things a national leader can do is to remind us of our historical roots.

Finally, I will mention the genuine love and affection that swells in me when I see the Obama family being just that--a loving family who is not afraid to kiss in public and whose smiles and behavior exemplify what we all want in a healthy family relationship. (It's a pleasure to see a president who can dance and croon Al Green into the ear of his wife!).

My hat's off to the inaugural committee, and my thanks for a truly inspirational day.

Margaret Rose