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Pistol-packing teachers? This idea fails!

Date published: 1/31/2013

Pistol-packing teachers? This idea fails!

As a retired high school teacher of 30 years, I want to address guns in school.

The unimaginable tragedy of 20 innocent children losing their sweet little lives must not be ignored, talked to boredom, or be overwhelmed by silly talking points that are usually spouted by those who never walked into a classroom as a teacher. Guns in schools? Absolutely not!

The emotional trauma to children seeing armed personnel or knowing their teachers have guns is unacceptable. They will get the message that school is an unsafe, scary place. Lots of tears and fears.

Teachers with guns would have to have a lock on them. They would be in the desk. Certainly no one imagines teachers carrying them on their person. Could a teacher get the lock off in an emergency, take sharpshooter aim, and take out the guy in a bulletproof vest with a weapon that gets off 100 rounds in a minute? I shudder to think of the carnage.

School break-ins would be astounding, and I am not speaking of students. Let's see: (1) my lesson plan book, (2) papers to be graded, (3) quizzes or tests to prepare, and (4) oh, yes, don't forget your gun, Annie! Ready to go home now.

Teachers instruct, counsel, and do extra unpaid duties. They grade, prepare lessons at home, nurse, and protect. But not with a Glock! This is a crazy idea.

There are towns already implementing this foolhardy policy. Some are asking custodial staff to carry guns. Knee-jerk reactions will not solve this problem.

I have dealt with guns, had a gun in my face, and seen the damage they do. Please do not put guns in schools. They will not protect our precious children. If I were still teaching, I'd get fired before I would take a gun into school.

Christine Carr

Locust Grove