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James Dobson inspired all of us at Battlefield

 James Dobson
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Date published: 1/31/2013

The teacher-student learning experience has always been reciprocal, and James Dobson epitomized this relationship ["Boy who 'ministered to all' dies at age 13," Jan. 29].

I am one of the teachers at Battlefield Middle School who had the opportunity to Skype (teach remotely) with James last year in sixth grade. While I was able to share science lessons, James taught us all life lessons.

James and his classmates loved the time he was able to spend with us, and students would ask to be the one to "drive" the camera so James could see who was speaking and what we were working on. While technology enabled James to participate, it was his passion we enjoyed the most. James loved knowledge, whether it was history, science, or football stats. The students and I were lucky to partner with James those few days a week. Once in a while, if we forgot James was there, we would hear his dog give a distinctive bark, and we would laugh as a group and then re-engage with James. Our class will always cherish those memories.

The timeless lesson we all learned is instead of remembering James for what he could not do, remember him for what he did do--inspire the students and faculty at BMS.

Dan Kneip