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So who took 'wrong direction'? We did!

Date published: 2/1/2013

So who took 'wrong direction'? We did!

I am writing in response to Walter E. Kreustzer's letter concerning the direction of the United States. Kreustzer did not explain what he considered to be the "wrong direction" nor the "right direction" nor how the president is trying to destroy the country, the Constitution, or to abuse the power of his office.

It is interesting to note the direction the country took post-9/11. We borrowed the money to conduct two wars. As a result the national debt went up. The total has finally come to our political attention. We are not spending "out of control": We borrowed money and did not provide the revenue to pay it back. Shame. So here we are as a country--our credit cards are maxed out, our credit is weak, and our income is too low to pay the interest on our current debt.

The time to stop out-of- control spending was more than a decade ago. All we did then was raise the debt limit. The bills are still due. Reducing the budget for some programs will be necessary; an increase in revenue is also necessary.

Kreustzer said: "So shut it down." A disastrous direction to take. As Walt Kelly had Pogo say, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

Royce A. Drake

Locust Grove