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Flawed logic is used in gun-regulation debate

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Date published: 2/3/2013

I am told the proof gun regulations don't work is that gun violence continues regardless of such restrictions. Norway has strict gun laws and that didn't stop a madman from killing scores of kids there.

So I think this logic should apply to all regulations. Houses catch fire despite fire codes for new homes. We should hang the codes and allow builders to use whatever material and methods they choose.

People die from drunk drivers; ergo, DUI laws are ineffective. Let's deregulate drinking and driving, too. And people exceed posted speed limits, so it stands to reason that speed limits don't reduce speeding. People pollute the river here in Fredericksburg; we might as well abolish the hard work our community does to preserve and protect it via regulation.

The truth is that our homes are statistically much safer from fire than they were before fire codes, and deaths from house fires have plummeted. Since the 1980s, when tougher legislation on drunk driving was initiated, alcohol-related road deaths are down 66 percent. Reasonable speed limits and tighter enforcement have made our roads safer. Despite the thoughtlessness of a few litter- bugs and polluters, the Rappahannock is one of the cleanest rivers on the Eastern Seaboard. And rampage aside, gun deaths n Norway are practically nonexistent.

Gun owners, stop using flawed logic to defend your position. You like your guns because you are perpetually afraid and you want to feel safe: afraid of strangers, or foreigners, or even your own government. Whatever. One person pointed out that Hitler and Stalin banned guns, as if to suggest that gun regulation must therefore lead to dictatorship.

Dozens of first-world nations have had gun restrictions for a long time, and two things are true about them: None of them have deteriorated to fascism, and their people are safer from gun violence, not less so.

The math is simple. Fewer guns + fewer bullets = fewer bodies. London, a city of 8 million, had six gun deaths all of last year. That's the equivalent of one Friday night in the Bronx in the dead of winter.

It's time we grew up, or countless more of our children may never get to.

William Dowling

Locust Grove