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Cardova, Jeffersonton poll sites moving page 2
Culpeper moving Cardova and Jeffersonton polling stations.

Date published: 2/6/2013


Supervisor Steve Nixon reminded Bradley Rosenberger, who sought the policy and made an issue of it in January, that the board had not removed him as chairman when he was ill a few years ago and missed a number of meetings.

"This has nothing to do with the present chairman and vice chairman, but it may affect some future board," Rosenberger said.

Chairman Sue Hansohn, who took offense to the timing of Rosenberger's bringing up the subject during her first meeting as the board's leader last month, declared, "We've never had to deal with this before. It is a sad state of affairs."

Hansohn took another dig at Rosenberger by saying, "It's been tough, but I've been good for the past two weeks." She cast the deciding vote in favor of the policy, which is unique among boards of supervisors in Virginia. (Removal is already covered by state law and Robert's Rules).

The supervisors also voted to allow the E-911 Board to contract with a company for a system that will enable residents to put important medical and other voluntary emergency information into a data bank that will pop up anytime a 911 call is received from that person's cell or land line.

It will also allow the E-911 Center to more accurately track cellphone locations. Last year, 77 percent of all emergency calls came from cellphones, according to Assistant E-911 Director Jenny Rosenfeld.

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