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Pets up for Adoption
Pets up for Adoption

Date published: 2/11/2013

The following pets are among those available for adoption at Fredericksburg-area animal shelters:


540/898-1500; fburgspca.org

Coco, spaniel-retriever, 4 years old, spayed female, sweet girl

Hank, pit bull mix, 4 years old, neutered male, great companion

Marla, beagle mix, 8 years old, spayed female, sweet girl

Montador, Chihuahua mix, neutered, 7 years old, loyal

Pancake, tabby cat, 5 years old, spayed female, free spirit

Pistachio, gray and white cat, neutered, 6 years old, talkative

Preston, Whippet-hound, neutered, 3 years old, very sweet

Polly, white/buff cat, spayed female, 11 years old, beautiful

Woodstock, black cat, neutered male, 9 years old, good friend

(Open house first Saturday of each month at PetSmart, Central Park; second Saturday at Petco, Plank Road; third Saturday at PetSmart, South Gateway Drive; and fourth Saturday at Petco, Worth Avenue, Stafford.)


540/658-7387; co.Stafford.va.us; look for link to Animal Control Department. From there, click on Adopting an Animal.

Olive, hound mix, female, black/tan

Lila, pit bull, female, gray brindle/white

Diego, Labrador-pointer, neutered, white/brown

Sparky, Walker coonhound, spayed, tricolor

Cajun, hound mix, spayed, tricolor

Scooby Doo, Ridgeback mix, neutered, brown

Petey, pit bull mix, male, white and black

Duke, Labrador, neutered, chocolate

Cats also available.


540/657-7387; staffordspca.org

Brandy, Plott hound, 3 years old, spayed, athletic

Blue, pit bull, neutered, 2 years old, loving and obedient

Jay, shorthair cat, 2 years old, neutered, talkative

Moses, Turkish Angora, 3 years old, neutered, must be adopted with Ghita.

Ghita, Siamese, 3 years old, spayed, must be adopted with Moses.

Roman, Chihuahua-pug, 1 year old, neutered male, loves treats

Zinc, shorthair cat, 2 years old, neutered, big boy

Loki, shorthair cat, 2 years old, spayed, needs quiet home

Smokey, shorthair cat, 1 year old, spayed, loves to play




Beagle, male, tan

Rottweiler-Akita, male, black with red on legs

Beagle, male, tricolor

Pug mix, male, tan with black highlights

Hound, male, black, white and tan

Shepherd mix, male, cream and white

Beagle, female, lemon and white

Hound, male, tricolor

Hound, male, white with tan spots

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