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Date published: 2/11/2013


The top player in the school was Ryan Croce with 726 stickers in Sherry Burns' second-grade class.

The top classes for this nine weeks for cafeteria behavior were Debbie Reep's kindergarten class, Cindy Patton's first-grade class, Diane Dodge's second-grade class, Grisell Diaz' third-grade class, Shelby Jones' fourth-grade class and Beth Davenport's fifth-grade class.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

The following are Students of the Month for Respect: Michael Afriye, Daniela Amaya, Jazmin Anderson, Rachel Arce, Jonathan Baba, Noah Banks, Jackson Bates, Cade Baxter, Jillian Baxter, Omar Benyoussef, Alivia Boatwright, John Brooks, Jordan Brooks, Meghan Brown, Jack Burkle, Kelsie Carl, Rachel Castellon, Carlos Chavez, Dylan Clark, Ramon Colchado, Geordan Daniel, Wesley Daniels, Levi Davis, Nathan Davis, Angel Demouey, Jessica Emmer, Jaiden Fair, Chase Fisk, William Frampton, Junior Fulcher, Jorja Furr, Lauren Gregory, Shahla Hassan, Megan Heflin, Jeremiah Hernandez, Sean Hill, Titan Hovey, Aalasia Joshua, La'Kiya Joshua, Lexi Kantor, Alex Knutson, Kaylee Kong, Ashley Leput, Amberly Lovell, Jose Moreno Campuzano, Kanini Muturi, Erin Nelson, Alejandro Pena-Cortez, Logan Phillips, Rhyan Primmer, Mackenzie Proffitt, Caleb Ramsey, Cody Sampson, Warner Sanchez, Oscar Sierra-Mejia, Baileigh Sinaman-Daniel, Alex Solarzano, Hailee Spell, Bridget Syed, Faith Szewczyk, Reuel Tandoh, Alexandra Tucker, Joey Wilcher, Katherine Zendak.

--Pat Johnston

Stafford Elementary

Luke Shelton, a fifth-grader in Stephanie Lee's classroom, received a big surprise recently from Sheriff Charlie Jett. Jett was sent a copy of an essay titled "The Person That I Admire Most," written by Luke. He came to the classroom to meet Luke, thank him personally for the gift and to give him a gift in return. Sherrif Jett gave Luke a Stafford County Sheriff Office hat, a challenge coin and a backpack. Luke is always the gentleman and not usually a man of few words but he was so thrilled by the sheriff's visit he just kept shaking Jett's hand.

--Suzie Ludwig

Dixon-Smith Middle

The Science Fair and History Day competitions were held at the end of January. The following students will represent Dixon-Smith at the Piedmont Regional Science Fair Competition in March: Chaney Ganninger, Matthew Harmon, Sharaia Hughes, Sidney Pincumbe, Laney Kredjovsky, Madison Spangler, Chloe Dishong and Renee Swager.

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