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GCC cuts some part-time hours
Germanna joins UMW in implementing hours cut for some part-time staff.

Date published: 2/12/2013



Germanna Community College has joined the University of Mary Washington in notifying part-time employees that their hours could be trimmed.

The college's Human Resources Department emailed part-time employees on Friday to tell them of the possible impact on their pocketbooks, college spokesman Mike Zitz said.

Managers and supervisors at state colleges and universities must now keep all part-time employees to an average of 29 hours per week or less, according to a directive from Gov. Bob McDonnell's chief of staff.

That means part-time staff could work a maximum of 1,450 hours per year based on a 50-week work year.

Previously, part-time employees could work an average of 30 hours per week or 1,500 hours per year.

According to a statement from the college, the change was ordered by McDonnell's office in response to the federal Affordable Care Act that considers employees who average at least 30 hours per week full-time and thus eligible for health insurance.

UMW announced it was taking the same action earlier this month. Like Germanna, its change went into effect on Monday.

UMW currently has 125 part-time staff and 137 adjunct professors.

Germanna has 263 part-time teaching faculty and 152 people classified as part-time staff. It employs more than 600 people overall.

It was unclear Monday how many employees could see a cut in hours since not all part-time personnel exceeded the new limit, Zitz said.

"Germanna regrets any negative impact to its employees and continues to seek further guidance and direction as the health care reforms take effect," the college said in Monday's statement.

Germanna told employees it had limited options for increasing staff hours.

"While we regret that we are required to implement this policy and the difficulties/inconvenience it may cause, Germanna will continue its efforts to increase the number of full-time positions as our budget allows," the email from Germanna's Human Resources Department states.

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