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Virginia should allow hunting on Sunday

Date published: 10/3/2013

Virginia should allow hunting on Sunday

There are 44 states in this nation that allow hunting on Sunday. Those states have no problems with Sunday hunting; why should Virginia?

Fact is, there would be no problems with it, and the Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries fully supports it.

Last year, I wrote to Del. Robert D. "Bobby" Orrock, R-Spotsylvania, who is a member of the Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee. That committee has delivered instant death to any Sunday hunting bill.

I asked him how he voted on SB464 and why. The answer I received was: "I have always opposed Sunday hunting. The primary reason for my opposition has been and is that a large number of my constituents are in favor of the current policy that allows them to pursue their outdoor interests for one day a week without having to share with hunters. The house bills that addressed this were all tabled in sub-committee. SB 464 which passed the Senate will be coming to the same House committee that tabled the other Sunday hunting bills."

I would call that explanation one-way and selfish. Orrock has been in office for 23 years and is definitely a part of "good ol' boy" politics which will keep Virginia forever in the Stone Age.

I wrote back to Orrock to point out that "Virginia hunters donate tons and tons of meat to the Hunters For the Hungry Program, supply this state with millions upon millions of dollars in tax revenue from hunting equipment sales, licenses and so on. Also, this is my property, not the state's and I am tired of being tread on!"

I have never received a reply from that email. If Orrock and his cronies can't understand what is commonsense and read the writing on the wall, the voters need to show them the exit door!

Paul Shelton