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What has happened to the United States?

Date published: 10/15/2013

When someone is emotionally out of balance, feeling and acting in ways that upset themselves and others, to help restore their emotional equilibrium a counselor usually will help the client sort out the roots of the disorder and understand the cause of the imbalance. With that insight the client has choices as to how he or she can change to regain a healthy, mature, comfortableness.

I believe it is obvious today that our government is out of balance. Its officials must be unhappy with the lowest approval ratings they have ever had, and are exhibiting immature behavior that brings upset to the lives of millions of people whom they are pledged to serve. The whole country is sick and getting more and more so each day.

As a counselor and one of "the millions," I would like to suggest that the root of the problem is not a budget, or national health plan, or the Republicans, or the Democrats, or the Tea Party, or the president. It goes deeper than that.

The governing system by which 13 colonies grew into the United States of America, the greatest nation on this planet, is functionally out of balance. Its sickness can be seen in its inability to govern. It is dysfunctional.

How did that happen? I would suggest that all of us have a responsibility. Over the years we have lost sight of the principles upon which our country was built--personal integrity, a focus on what was good for America, the willingness to compromise. Instead, we have animosity, the narrow focus on selfish motives, the tyranny of a few over the many, the loss of the art of statesmanship, greed--shall I go on?

When our elected representatives get caught up in self-centered interests and are willing to risk the economy of the country, America's reputation among nations, and the wellbeing of its people, can we see the results listed above? Are we any longer a democratic republic that exists "of the people, by the people, and for the people?" Or are we changing into something else that we don't even want to think about? We had better think about it the next time we cast a ballot!

The Rev. Ernest Dyson