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Vote for Radler

Date published: 10/16/2013

Vote for Radler

Nowadays, it is hard to find a politician who has the people's best interests at heart. Funding for our public schools in order to produce renowned scholars is now a priority among parents and the community.

Virginia is on a stagnant incline when it comes to employment rates and the quality of jobs. We need a delegate who is interested in bettering the community and rebuilding the Virginia that we all love.

Virginia needs a strong delegate whose focus is not on divisive social issues but to protect Virginia's natural resources. Toni Radler is the best choice for the Virginia House of Delegates, 55th District. Her desire and dedication to a better Virginia is exactly what this state needs to grow.

On Nov. 5, when you vote for Toni Radler, you are voting for a better Virginia.

Every vote counts!

Dr. Kenneth Pitts

Ruther Glen