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Single-sex education should be the norm

Date published: 12/11/2013

Single-sex education should be the norm

This is in no way a criticism of the article in The Free Lance-Star about a single-sex classroom in Spotsylvania County, but it really shouldn't be newsworthy but the norm ["Will boys learn better if girls aren't allowed?" Dec. 1].

I am a graduate of a women's college, and as a former educator I have long been a proponent of single-sex education. Boys and girls do learn differently, and public schools should embrace that principle.

In her book, "The Male Brain," Harvard Medical School graduate Louann Brizendine devotes an entire chapter to how school-age boys learn. I felt this should be required reading for all educators.

Boys are much more active in their learning than girls. Often this is viewed as a disruption and would be to the girls in the classroom. Kudos to Ms. Diane Holmes, Riverview Elementary School's principal, for being willing to embrace this method of creating an environment conducive to learning.

Parents should fight for the right to have single-sex classrooms in public schools.

Edie Orazi