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Let's be wise about immigration

Date published: 1/14/2014

Let's be wise about immigration

The Dec. 30 letter ["Undocumented deserve shot at happiness, too"] is a master of language manipulation, but at base is disingenuous and fatuous.

The first point that fails the logic test says that Rep. Wittman "does not believe that all men are created equal or that all have a right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness."

I don't presume to speak for Mr. Wittman, but using this argument to afford citizenship rights to illegal aliens completely abrogates the rule of law, and the legal immigration process in place in our nation's laws.

Second, the writer's point that "Some people might say that undocumented people broke our law. But we know that a parent does whatever it takes to provide his or her children a better life" is also flawed.

First, it presumes that all those who came here illegally came as parents working to provide for their children. Certainly, not all who have come are parents. Second, by that argument, parents have the right to break any other law to provide for their children; theft, embezzlement, murder and so forth, to further the quality of life for one's children must all be permissible.

By appealing to citizens' respect for our founding documents while using language to minimize the illegal actions taken in crossing sovereign borders without permission and committing fraud by living as citizens, the writer has attempted to play on the readers' sense of empathy.

I hope that The Free Lance-Star readers are wiser than that, and see the need to enforce existing immigration laws. Whether those laws need to be amended is open to debate, but enforcing existing laws is not.

Lori Miller Kissell