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Date published: 1/15/2014

Broken health care in need of a bipartisan fix

I don't care how good or how bad the Affordable Care Act is. Against the will of the majority, it was passed behind closed doors thanks to Senate rule changes. The Supreme Court twisted its language and meaning and transformed a penalty into tax.

We are told to shut up and comply, because it's the law, but the president--bypassing the legislative branch--has changed it unilaterally numerous times, and thousands of entities and hundreds of individuals have been granted exemptions.

However, the most egregious acts occurred when the president repeatedly lied to the American public before his re-election and stated that if we liked our health insurance plan and doctor we could keep both and nothing would change for us.

This fraud perpetrated on the American people has finally struck a nerve and even some of Obama's ideologues are raising hell about it.

Americans want the act repealed and a true bipartisan effort launched to overhaul our health care system so everyone comes out a winner. Obama has lost the trust of the majority of American citizens, yet he remained inflexible on the issue, even preferring a government shutdown to negotiation.

The rollout of the act has been a disaster, and upwards of a billion, no-bid taxpayer dollars will be spent to "fix it." And it appears that much of this wasted money will be going to the first lady's Princeton classmate and her inept company.

Democrats and Republicans should stop, repeal and regroup to create a transparent bipartisan plan that will best serve our republic.

Bob Taubert