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Educational system must be modernized

Date published: 5/7/2014

Educational system must be modernized

The foundation of the United States is to be found in our public schools. Schools are the doorway to class mobility. They enable learners of all races to rub elbows together.

Are there weaknesses in our system? Yes, we still operate on a model suitable for the 18th century. We need a system modeled on the 21st-century digital world.

We need to extend free educational opportunities through the college years. We need to open schools 12 hours per day and operate year-round. This does not mean learners will spend 12 hours at school, but that teachers, technology and resources will be available during the school day.

Students will have their individual learning plans. Staff, resources and mentors will be available to monitor and guide learners though their goals and objectives.

Christa McAuliffe said, "I have seen the future I teach." If we are to remain a major nation, we will make our schools the best schools in the world. Teachers are our greatest resource, as we build and improve our nation.

All educational programs must be free. Charter schools and private schools are not the answer.

The American way is the universal public school. We must make the neighborhood school the best school in the world. The schoolroom is an individual's staircase to class mobility.

Our school graduates will determine the greatness of our nation and our future.

Frank B. Withrow