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Remember, immigrants founded the U.S.

Date published: 5/7/2014

Remember, immigrants founded the U.S.

Today's society is looking a lot like the 1950s. The only difference is that the United States has found another group to oppress in order to maintain their superiority.

They are who we most commonly refer to as "illegal aliens" or, more politically correct, undocumented immigrants.

But what makes these undocumented immigrants different from U.S. citizens? We are all human beings even though we have dehumanized these individuals by labeling them as aliens.

This country portrays a degree of ethnocentrism that is the basis for the oppression. Wake up, people. A country that believes that all men are created equal should not be contributing this kind of attitude, especially with the harsh laws we are seeing pertaining to immigrants that deny them basic human rights.

We as a nation forget that this country was founded upon immigrants.

Cheniera Wiggins

Lancaster County