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Creationist says no pity needed on evolution

Date published: 7/2/2014

Creationist says no pity needed on evolution

Thanks to Marci Shaver for her June 19 letter, in which she writes, "When I read letters here where the writers revel in their ignorance, such as the recent letters denying evolution and climate change, I feel pity" ["Contempt for science shows willful ignorance"].

She rants against climate change deniers and evolution believers. Her hypothesis, however, is biased and in line with liberal talking points.

Climate change happens as the natural order of business on planet Earth. Where we disagree with the Al Gores of the world is with the underlying cause.

Ms. Shaver and her ilk like to point the finger at humans and fossil fuels to give support to the green energy mob, but that science is inconclusive and fraught with political interference.

As for evolution, well, that's also theory. Her body of evidence and the fossil record don't show a conclusive link between species at the macro level; they mostly support micro evolution, small changes within species designed to adapt to current conditions.

As for Carl Sagan, well, to believe that everything around us and within the universe somehow appeared after the explosion of a golf ball-size object--well, that strains credulity.

She has her beliefs and I have mine. I believe climate change happens, albeit naturally. I also believe in creationism rather than her theory of evolution. I, and others like me, neither need nor want her pity.

Philip Cole