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In secular society, Christians get bullied

Date published: 7/3/2014

In secular society, Christians get bullied

Proper, true and legal justice feels so good when it is rendered. The opposite happens way too often in today's secular society.

I am not fond of the ACLU when it comes to Christian matters. I feel much more protected with ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom), which is a group of Christian attorneys fighting for Christian freedoms.

Remember Madalyn O'Hair, an atheist from our area? She complained about prayer in the schools and bullied folks and got some legal folks behind her who wanted to see just how stupid folks were about their First Amendment rights. It changed so much for Christian society.

Then along came another woman complaining about invoking the name of Jesus in prayer, and the ACLU got involved, and through the so-called legal system, bullied Christians into silence again.

But thank God, we have one judge in this land who rendered proper, true and legal justice, and things are back to where they ought to be.

I would like to thank that judge for his decision and the Rev. Hashmel Turner for his soldiering, and all Christians who have been diligently and faithfully praying for justice. And I thank Jesus for answered prayers.

Sam Harris