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Road to perdition didn't start with cellphones

Date published: 7/3/2014

There is a certain irony to Donnie Johnston's June 28 comments about vacuous people who cannot exist without continuously examining their cellphones for items of interest ["Facebook isn't same as face-to-face discussion"].

These empty souls who find outrages du jour in Facebook and Twitter probably don't read newspapers, so cannot get mad at Donnie.

He notes that this is not a teenage phenomenon. I have noticed this as well and conclude that the rise of stupidity started way before teens got their hands on cellphones.

Years ago, I deplored the habit of continuous noise, which may have kept one from thinking about one's lack of thought.

Some kept their TV on all day to keep the nasty silence from thundering at them. Others played music loudly, most often not the baroque or classical sort.

While walking outdoors, one needed to stop the birds' chirping, and so put ear buds in to listen to something meaningful.

But I do love seeing what my family is doing on Facebook even though I keep my cellphone turned off, except for emergencies and use my ancient laptop for these forays into the Net.

And I enjoy snarking on Facebook, as well--with comments about the Weiner/Petraeus Rule of No Internet Privacy.

Elisabeth Oldaker