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Overcrowding eroding Spotsylvania's charm

Date published: 7/4/2014

This letter is to express disappointment about the building of apartments that will be created in the Southpoint area by the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors' agreement with a building company.

What an unfortunate decision to add more housing units in such an overcrowded area.

If the plan of action is completed, you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of what is now displayed in this marvelous area. Overcrowding produces a lack of beauty and charm. Perhaps if the plan had been executed effectively, people who live in or near this neighborhood could have given some positive comments to assist in making the new project more acceptable and keep it beautiful.

The Spotsylvania area is crowded at present, and since I live in this breathtaking area, it is very disappointing to me personally. I wish my supervisor, Chris Yakabouski, would provide something that would be of good use to everyone and help keep things of quality.

Many residents have shared with me that they too are very disappointed with this plan of action. Also, others have shared the fear of what will happen next with another addition or any new project that may be developed.

Think carefully before any other changes are planned.

Ann Brown