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Kudos to parks staff for hosting concert

Date published: 7/4/2014

Kudos to parks staff for hosting concert

On behalf of the entire Fredericksburg Community Concert Band, I want to thank Tiffany Capehart and her staff from Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation for hosting our concert once again in Hurkamp Park.

Our relationship with the Parks and Recreation Department is highly valued by FCCB. We were able to dodge the thunderstorm and just barely got our entire concert finished.

I apologize to Mr. Sousa for rushing through "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by taking all of the second endings.

We had a fine audience and everyone had a wonderful time. The band is looking forward to our return to Hurkamp Park on Aug. 13.

Arthur Baughman


The writer is president of the Fredericksburg Community Concert Band.