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Bizarre attack reported in city
Police say ex-boyfriend used a large knife to repeatedly hit a minivan, threatened its occupant and later rammed the vehicle with his own car in the Eagle Village parking lot.

Date published: 9/28/2010

A 35-year-old man faces attempted malicious wounding charges after an incident outside a Fredericksburg eatery last night.

A Spotsylvania County man told police he was sitting in his girlfriend's minivan outside Country Cookin waiting for her to get out of work when the woman's ex-boyfriend pulled up behind him in a Ford Explorer.

Police say the ex-boyfriend got out of his car, pulled out a large knife and began hitting the windows of the minivan and shouting threats at the victim.

The victim drove away, and the suspect followed him in his car through the parking lot in front of the Eagle Village Giant, ramming the victim's car several times before leaving the scene, police said.

Julio Lopez Roblero is charged with attempted malicious wounding, felony hit and run, and destruction of property.

Roblero's Explorer was later found parked on Rann Court. The car was impounded, but Roblero had not been arrested as of this afternoon.