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Police arrest suspect in Giant robbery
Police make an arrest in robbery at Giant last week.

Date published: 10/1/2010

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Police have arrested a suspect in the robbery at the Giant store in Eagle Village last Saturday.

Members of the U.S. Marshalls Fugitive Task Force located the vehicle used in the robbery at an apartment complex in Arlington, and arrested the suspect there with no incident, said police.

David Lyons, 50, of Arlington has been charged with one count of felony robbery and is currently incarcerated.

At this time, Lyons has not been connected with any other incidents in Fredericksburg.

Police said the victim had just entered the store when a man came up from behind, grabbed her and stole her purse. She struggled with the suspect, but he eventually got away, police said. A store employee was able to get a description of the vehicle the suspect left in.