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Despite all the warnings, lots of people still smoke. Why?

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In Moderation: Got grains? (04/01/14)
As a nutritionist, Samantha Ronk knows the power of whole grains. They’re better for our health because, unlike white, processed flour or other processed grains, whole grains have fiber, protein and minerals that have not been stripped away
In Moderation: Sobering facts (03/15/14)
In Moderation: Take cover! (01/29/14)
I understand the dreaded hat hair
In Moderation: Are you STRESSED?! (12/13/13)
One in four adults report feeling "extreme stress" at holiday time, according to an American Psychological Association poll. Here are some tips on how to combat that stress (courtesy of the Devereux Center for Resilient Children): Grow in gratitude by appreciating the things you already have. Ask for help, whether that means with shopping and cooking, cleaning the house or lending an ear when you need to talk. Laugh out loud (because laughter is a proven stress buster). Listen deeply

Dr. Patrick Neustatter
Dr. Patrick Neustatter, a longtime family practitioner, is the medical director of the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic.

Dr. Delise Dickard
Dr. Delise Dickard, a licensed professional counselor, is the director of Riverside Counseling in Fredericksburg.

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Jennifer Motl on nutrition health
Jennifer Motl is a registered dietitian. Formerly of Fredericksburg, she now lives in Wisconsin.

Dr. Chris Lillis

Dr. Maha Alattar
Dr. Maha Alattar is a board-certified neurologist and sleep specialist. She also is the director of the Mary Washington Healthcare stroke program.