Jamey Lewchanin


Name: Jamey Jon Lewchanin

Birthplace: Oswego, N.Y.

Date of birth: July 20, 1976

Family: Wife, Carol, and a blended family with five children: Jamey Jr., 13; Alex, 12; Emma, 9; Sophia, 8; and Thor, 3.

Background: Spotsylvania County physical education and health teacher; elementary physical education liaison since 2013; assistant track coach, 2005–11; counselor parent for adjudicated youth, 2004–05, Grove City, Pa.; teacher/counselor, 2001–04, Madison, Conn.; Board of Caroline Pines Property Owners Association for almost 10 years, with eight years as its president.

Top three campaign issues:

Teachers: We need to treat our teachers with respect. What I have seen is elementary teachers do not get a duty-free lunch period and that needs to change. Their insurance has gone up significantly for no good reason and I would look to fix that. I would have the air quality tested in the buildings as there has been definitely signs of mildew and water staining throughout many of the buildings.

Alternative funding: I would like to think outside the box on funding and look at ads in the school system to help raise money.

Better communication with the community: I would like to have more parent, teacher, student and Board of Supervisor invited committees. If we have all those lines of communication open maybe each group would be able to understand each other’s positions better.

Campaign website: sites.google.com/view/jamey-lewchanin-for-school-boa/home

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