Name: Nancy Gordon Carson

Birthplace: Richmond

Date of birth: Jan. 8, 1953

Family: E. Richard Carson, Caroline E. Lyons, grandson Carson Lyons

Background: Teacher, for five years in Prince Edward County; 26 years as a teacher in Caroline; five years as assistant principal in Caroline; bachelor’s in elementary education from Longwood College; master’s in administration from Longwood; eight years as School Board member representing the Mattaponi District; and a volunteer at Lewis & Clark, Madison, Bowling Green Elementary and Caroline Middle schools. Also a member of Reedy Church Ruritans and on the Board of Directors. Episcopal church.

Top three campaign issues: Salary increases for all personnel in Caroline County Public Schools. A compensation study was conducted in 2016, which highlighted the differences in salaries in Caroline as compared to other school systems in the region. For Caroline to recruit and retain the best and the brightest, we must be competitive. We need to be able to at least fully fund the second phase of the study as we are already a couple of years behind.

School and community relationships are vital to our school system. They are needed to foster partnerships supportive of our 3E Ready plan—all students will have plans to be employed, enlisted, or enrolled upon graduation. The continued enhancement of faith, civic, and business partnerships will enable CCPS to broaden work-based learning opportunities such a internships, apprenticeships, service learning, etc.

Health and safety of staff and students is our most critical work. Continuing to build a staff wellness program inclusive of wellness screenings, challenges, and resources will address the 8 domains of wellness as well as positively impact employee health and the related work environment. In relation to students, all schools are using social emotional learning curriculum and or/strategies to address mental health and trauma while building students’ capacity for self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness. Additional mental health providers, school counselors and behavioral specialists will be needed to serve this growing population of students.

Campaign website: On Facebook, Re Elect Nancy Carson for School Board

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