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FRED bus service is getting a pair of $20,000 grants.

Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital have each awarded Fredericksburg Regional Transit a $20,000 Community Benefit Fund grant. 

FRED, whose services include transportation to health-related sites, is required to use the funds to meet three objectives. They include strengthening its safety and security programs to reduce accidents and incidents by 5 percent and increasing the number of its riders going to Mary Washington and Stafford hospitals combined to 3,000 and other medical stops to 10,500.

Last year, there were eight accidents and incidents involving FRED buses compared with 17 in 2016. FRED also made a total of 3,028 stops at the two hospitals, and 9,288 other medical stops last year, according to Sharon L. Sullivan, FRED's administrative assistant.

The grants also require FRED to complete 10 Ride-FRED seminars to educate the public and the two hospitals' partners, conduct 50 individual training sessions and 10 outreach training sessions.

FRED teams up with Healthy Generations, formerly Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging, for these. In 2017, there were 10 Ride-FRED seminars, 68 individual training sessions and 15 outreach training sessions, Sullivan said.

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