For a company whose specialty is building tiny houses, Tiny House Building Company in Spotsylvania County is getting a big reputation.

Owners Kristopher and Alicia Angstadt have had their compact creations featured on several television shows, which has garnered them nationwide exposure.

The company will be back on the small screen again when HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” features three of its models, including two parked in front of its headquarters at 11001 Houser Drive. The episode, “Tiny Virginia Vineyard Home,” will kick off the popular show’s fifth season at 10 p.m. Thursday and will be repeated at 1 a.m. Friday.

Pie Town Productions, which produces a number of hit shows including “House Hunters” and “Tiny House Hunters,” came calling last year. It had used some of Tiny House Building Company’s models in previous episodes, and wanted to know if the Angstadts were working with any interesting clients.

It turned out that they had. Jon and Cori Phillips, co-owners of The Wine Reserve at Waterford in Loudoun County, were living in West Virginia with their 3-year-old son and working full time while running the winery. He’s an attorney in Fairfax and she’s a consultant in Washington.

The long commutes were getting old, and they decided to buy a tiny house, install it next door to the winery’s tasting room, and live there during the week. It’s a “stopgap” until they build their forever home, and they will then come up with a creative reuse for the tiny house, Jon Phillips said.

Filming was done last year. It includes shots of Kristopher Angstadt showing the Phillipses features of the Georgia and Kate models outside the company headquarters, and those of the Pioneer model that sits in Doswell. Harry Connick Jr. stayed in the Pioneer for a segment of his “Harry” show in 2016.

Angstadt said that “Tiny House Hunters” is unscripted since it’s a reality show, but that didn’t mean cameras never stopped rolling. Sometimes filming would come to a halt if a plane flew overhead or if something in someone’s pocket jingled. And sometimes the producer would tell the Phillipses, “I want you to be a little more surprised,” or ask Angstadt to repeat himself.

“Then you try to remember what you just said,” he said.

The Phillipses liked different features in each model, which Tiny House Building Company can customize to suit owners’ needs, from the storage space to the size of the loft bedrooms to the types of siding and shingles. The Angstadts said that they can’t reveal which tiny house was finally installed at their clients’ winery, and they haven’t gotten to see the episode in advance.

“I have no idea what it will be like,” said Kristopher Angstadt. “We may get together with family and friends to watch the premiere.”

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