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An all-day, online event is being held Friday to help business owners in Virginia pick up some knowledge that will help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The virtual event, SparkJam 2020, will feature about 25 speakers and live music.

It is being organized by The Rocket Factory, a strategic marketing company in Richmond, along with several other businesses such as Elevation and Profit Optics, Virginia Commonwealth University's da Vinci Center for Innovation and Activation Capital, a nonprofit that supports startups and entrepreneurs in the Richmond region. 

People can sign up for the event at Tickets are $10, and proceeds will benefit the Virginia 30 Day Fund, a nonprofit created in April to help support businesses affected by the pandemic by giving them a $3,000 forgivable loan. 

"We have tried to create a festival feel as much as we can," said Todd Feldman, founder of The Rocket Factory. "We are hoping people float in and out. They can come in and get some energy from it."

"We are trying to pass on some knowledge and trying to create a spark and the energy for us to go forward in a new way," he said.

The event kicks off at 8 a.m. Friday and will include panel discussions  with entrepreneurs, business strategists, educators and community leaders on topics such as business innovation and how companies can adapt to challenging times.

Afternoon sessions include discussions of how the arts community is adjusting, how nonprofits can innovate and how Virginia's tourism and hospitality industry can adapt.

The event will conclude with live music featuring singer-songwriter Landon Elliott and singer-songwriter Saw Black.

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