Strong winds on Sunday damaged the Mission BBQ restaurant under construction at Spotsylvania Crossing Shopping Center on State Route 3. 

The wind, which according to Weather Underground reached speeds of 28 mph on Sunday, blew over metal framing that had been erected for the building. 

Craig Briggs, Mission BBQ's director of operations for central Virginia, called it "our big bad wolf situation."

He said all four metal frame walls crumpled to the middle. 

"The damaged framing was taken down Monday and they are rebuilding," said Dave Ansell, chief building official with Spotsylvania County. "It is my understanding that no one was onsite at the time and so there were no injuries."

Ansell said the framing was made of 18-gauge steel studs. He said the building was at a vulnerable point in construction because siding and roof, both of which add stability to a structure, had not yet been installed. Still, he described the event as "unusual."

"High winds like we experienced can do the unusual," he said.

Briggs said nothing like this has occurred at any job he's ever done.

"But those things aren't secure," he said of the metal frame. "That's why they're fenced in."

The second Fredericksburg-area location of Mission BBQ, a nationwide chain that combines barbecue and patriotism, was set to open in early May.

Briggs said the company is now looking at late May or early June grand opening. 

"We're gonna continue," he said. "This is not going to kill the deal."

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