In its continuing efforts to keep the community safe from acts of violence and terrorist threats, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is seeking vigilant citizens who are interested in playing an active role in homeland security.

Selected individuals will be invited to attend a new Citizens Homeland Security Course on Sept. 15 that will teach them how to spot and report suspicious activity. The training will also educate them about threats facing the nation.

Applications for the Citizens Homeland Security Course are due by Sept. 7. Registration is free. For additional information or to be considered for the class, contact Sgt. Jason Forman at 540/658-4934; or at

Once participants complete a class, they will become part of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office SHIELD program, a two-way information sharing program that provides information to citizens on emerging crime trends, community events and evolving terrorist threats that may affect Stafford County.

Community partners will serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible and working to directly impact efforts to prevent crime and acts of terrorism in Stafford.

The Sheriff’s Office has a Homeland Security and Emergency Management Unit that educates the public about recognizing and reporting suspicious activity and teaches citizens how to respond during acts of violence or terrorism. In addition to the Citizens Homeland Security Course being offered in September, future classes are planned on the following topics:

  • Suspicious Activity and Reporting: Trains individuals on what suspicious activity is and how to properly report it.
  • Stop the Bleed: Trains individuals on how to stop bleeding after an injury and how to properly apply tourniquets in emergency situations.
  • Active Shooter/Acts of Violence Training: Teaches individuals on how to respond to active shooter/acts of violence situations focusing on building survival mindsets and teaching tactics such as Run, Hide, Fight.
  • Prevention and Deterrence of Terror and Criminal Acts: Teaches individuals what they can do to help keep Stafford safe from current threats that face the region and nation as a whole.

For more information on these classes, visit and click on the Homeland Security tab.

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