Amy’s Cafe—Chefs Robert Norman and Timothy Teti

103 W. Cambridge St. Fredericksburg

Meatloaf. Brunswick Stew. Shepherd’s Pie. Barbecue Pork. Burgers made to order. Grandma’s Potato Soup. Homemade Chili.

I could go on. At Amy’s Cafe, the menu is just one classic comfort food after another. Paired with an outstanding waitstaff and a beautiful location in an 18th-century house near Falmouth’s historic port on the Rappahannock, it all adds up to good food, good company and Southern hospitality.

Rob Norman has been executive chef here for most of the last decade since Amy’s first opened in 2007, but he’s been in the hospitality industry since long before that, from the age of 21.

“I love Amy’s,” Norman said. “I love having the freedom to have some creative fun, to play with different dishes. And we’ve got a great team in the kitchen—all together that means you’re getting good quality food.”

Working with Norman is sous-chef Timothy Teti, who came on board at Amy’s in June. Born in Florida, Teti arrived with several years’ experience in Southern restaurants with a specialty in fish dishes.

Together Norman and Teti developed the featured recipe, Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna Steak, topped with a sweet soy reduction and a cucumber wasabi sriracha drizzle, served with sticky white rice over kale.

“Don’t be put off by the long name,” Teti said. “It’s actually a very simple recipe you can do at home.”

One key, Teti said, is to keep the saute pan dry, heating it until it smokes, then add just enough sesame oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Slowly ease the fish (covered with sesame seeds) into the pan and sear both sides, just 30 to 45 seconds on each.

“The mix of flavors is great,” Teti said of the finished product. “Give it a try and see what you think.”

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