Brad Thor is one of a half dozen or so thriller authors whose books always make it to the top of the bestseller lists. The reason is simple: exciting plots, at least semi-believable characters who repeat in each volume, and seemingly true backgrounds explored in great detail. A reader knows what to expect from Mr. Thor and is rarely disappointed. Today’s volume carries on that tradition.

Without spoiling the story, the hero, Scott Horvath, is kidnapped by the Russians after they have killed his closest friends and associates in cold blood. He is then taken by plane to Russia, the plane crashes, and our hero is the only survivor. Oh, did I tell you that you may have to suspend disbelief in reading a modern thriller?

After the crash, Horvath must make his way through Siberia in the dead of winter, shooting wild bears and stealing a snowmobile to escape. Miraculously, the escape succeeds, at which point the hero itches for revenge. The remainder of the book is devoted to revenge.

You will not be disappointed in this latest installment of the Scott Horvath series, although perhaps too much time is spent detailing exactly how he traverses Siberia in the dead of winter.

This story is written by a master and is also good for a few hours of escape by the reader. That there will be a sequel is a given, and I am even now looking forward to the next installment.

Alfred M. King is a freelance reviewer in Spotsylvania.

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