Secrets of Love Story Bridge

Secrets of Love Story Bridge

It’s a perfect time for another charming novel from Phaedra Patrick. I’ve been trying to read a rather dark, heavy novel that has been on my to-read list for years. With everything going on in the world right now, I just couldn’t keep reading it. I’ve had to set it aside for another time. “The Secrets of Love Story Bridge,” however, is exactly the opposite kind of book.

Patrick has populated her book with everyday people, flawed but with the best of intentions. It’s the perfect book to lift one’s spirits.

Mitchell Fisher has turned his world upside down because of guilt and grief he feels over the death of his partner, Anita. He quit his job as an engineer designing magnificent bridges and is now working on those bridges, removing all the padlocks people have been attaching to the bridges to express love, happiness and sorrow. With this job, he can spend much more time with their daughter, Poppy, to make up for all the time he worked late as an engineer.

One day, Mitchell sees a woman fall off the bridge and, without even thinking about it, jumps after her to try to save her. He then becomes obsessed with learning more about her, which leads him to expanding his circle of friends and lightening the load of guilt and sorrow which had truly been drowning him. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers to this love story with a bit of a mystery woven in.

The characters in the book are delightfully quirky, the story engaging and the ending will definitely make you feel a bit better about the world.

Sandy Mahaffey is former Books editor with The Free Lance–Star.

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