Little Papers

Little Papers

Name: Kathleen Hoffman

Connection to Fredericksburg region: Grew up in Charlottesville, now live in Madison, graduated from Mary Washington College.

I was inspired to write a book because when I retired a few years back, and looked back at the many changes in newspapers, I felt my life had spanned those changes and there might be a book there.

Favorite time/place to write: At the desktop in our spare bedroom, and honestly, whenever I have nothing else to do. I am not exactly a driven writer.

Future plans as an author: None, see above.

What I learned from the writing/publishing process: I very much enjoyed the research, because it was a trip that began more than 50 years ago, and looking at old papers was the proverbial trip down memory lane. But as a newspaper person, I learned to write quickly, often with deadlines looming, and while I might have read my notes several times and pondered for a while looking for the best “lede,” once I began, I just plunged in and wrote. This isn’t a good approach for an entire book.

My advice for those trying to write a book: Be very careful about your choice of a printer/publisher. Those people are pushy.


Book title: “Little Papers Are Journalism Too”

Short plot summary: I began working for the Culpeper Star–Exponent in 1966, when I had just turned 23. It was a time of the beginnings of changes in society with regard to race and gender, and I watched those things evolve while experiencing the excitement of all kinds of local news. The court system was a particular revelation for someone who, it turned out, had led a sheltered life.

Publisher: Authorhouse

Publication date: Fall 2018

Genre: Memoir

Who should read my book? Anyone interested in local history, Culpeper, Madison and environs, or who would like to think about where media and politics have been in Virginia and the nation and where they might be headed.

You can buy my book: From Authorhouse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, me.

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