Name: Lourdes Carvalho

Website: lourdes

Connection to Fredericksburg region: I’ve lived in the Fredericksburg area for almost 30 years. I spent 17 years working for PermaTreat pest control prior to leaving the company in June 2019 to pursue my career as an author. Some of you will know me be the name Sherry Lambert.

I was inspired to write a book because: I was 8 years old when I felt my first desire to write. I didn’t know what I’d write, but it was an intense feeling of knowing what I was supposed to do. I started with my junior year of high school, just before I moved here. I like to say that I have plenty of material for a lot of books in my memory stash.

Favorite time/place to write: I like to write late at night when everything is silent. My best work is produced between midnight and three in the morning. I often sit with my laptop in what I affectionately call “The Nest”—it is a small couch in my living room where I also spent time recovering from multiple surgeries due to breast cancer several years ago.

Future plans as an author: I’m working on the sequel to my first book and plan to release the final book in 2021 to complete the trilogy. I plan to be a full-time author, inspiring others to tell their own stories.

What I learned from the writing/publishing process: As an indie author, I’d strongly suggest you do your research before working with a self-publishing company. You need a company with reliable contacts.

My advice for those trying to write a book: Your first draft will not be your last. Do not give up. Bleed your words onto the paper and go back later to tidy up. You can trim the fat after the meat is cooked.

About my work

Book title: “The Year of Guinness”

Plot summary: “The Year of Guinness” is based on a true story of my junior year of high school. The story follows several key relationships: my boyfriend, my best friend and my family.

Publisher: Author House

Publication date: May 7, 2020

Genre: Coming-of-age fiction

Who should read my book? I believe mature teenagers through adults will enjoy this book. While it’s geared toward young adults, the drama that unfolds will engage anyone’s attention. Older readers who love romance, drama, or just want to relive their high school years will enjoy this book. However, readers should be aware that teen pregnancy, drugs, and suicide/self harm are all topics addressed in this novel.

You can buy my book: On my website in which books are personally signed, or directly from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Author House and many other book retailers.

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