Judy Zummo

Judy Zummo

Name: Judy Zummo

Wesbite: JudyZummo.com

Connection to the Fredericksburg region: I have lived in Orange County for 25 years and taught in Spotsylvania County at Ni River Middle School until retiring in 2009. [I’m a] member of the Church of the Messiah, an Episcopal church on Spotswood Furnace Lane.

I was inspired to write a book because: I have always enjoyed writing and when my children were young, my older daughter had imaginary friends with interesting names, which inspired me to make up stories using the names of her imaginary playmates. I wrote the first book years ago, but could never find anyone who was willing to illustrate it. Thus, it stayed in a desk drawer until recently, when I found my talented illustrator, Rebecca Russell.

Future plans as an author: I would very much like to continue the Henry and Hinky series as writing for children is very enjoyable, especially when I can read to them and I can watch their reactions to the story.

What I learned from the writing/publishing process: The experience of having a book published has been extremely gratifying and a great learning curve. I have learned the importance of rewriting, rewriting and then rewriting again. A book takes time and patience. It cannot be done in a hurry.

About my work

Book titles: “Henry and Hinky Meet the Little Pirates,” “Henry and Hinky Meet the Lost Fawn” and “Henry and Hinky and the Little Pirates Save Christmas”

Short plot summaries: The first is an adventure of Henry and Hinky, two dog pals, who discover the underground city of Pirate Land, which has had the key to its toy land taken. They decide to solve the mystery of the missing key. They encounter a naughty frog, Sneet, as they are trying to solve the mystery. In “Henry and Hinky Meet the Lost Fawn,” Henry and Hinky go out to enjoy the spring day after a very frigid winter. They encounter a doe, Amber, who has lost her fawn, Lil’ John. They offer to help find her missing fawn. Again, they meet Sneet, who is still up to mischief. In the most recent book, King Betzel and the little pirates are having a big party and Henry and Hinky are invited.

Publication dates: 2017 and 2018

Who should read my books? My books are geared to elementary age children, although I have had a great reception when I have read to middle school children.

You can buy my books: From Amazon or directly from me; I can personalize them.

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